Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Unique Take on Music Reviews

Take a look at any popular music review site today, and you'll see one of two basic types of web site. Many offer short reviews of various albums, such as Rolling Stone; these "reviews" (bah, they're just synopses of albums) have very little depth, and sometimes they don't even bother to offer a serious opinion. Then other music reviews are from a "Christian Perspective." I have noticed that the primary flaw with Christian sites is that, while they minutely analyze lyrics, often they neglect a fundamental question: Is the music even good at all? On this blog, I will post music reviews that are thorough, pithy, and ruthless. I will consider music from many different genres on its own merits, but will also provide analysis of the lyrics. I will post reviews at least once a week, and other interesting articles/links/album art at least once per day.

I cannot stress this enough: my reviews will have a Christian perspective because I am Christian, but my primary perspective will be determining artistic merit of the music. My hope is that you will find this blog entertaining and helpful in finding beautiful, new, and exciting music to enjoy.

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